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Full Featured Security – Unmatched Simplicity

Our next-generation host is designed to help you work safer while easy to use. The encryption we use to ensure privacy is completely invisible.

High Performance
Monitoring & Failover

Monitor and automatically fail-over DNS traffic in the event of under-performing or unavailable servers.

Traffic Booster & Controller
Weighted Load Balancing

Control and optimize traffic and network performance at the DNS level.Accelerate service and enable localized website content routing by IP, Autonomous System Number (ASN) and combine with geo-location for highly targeted routing solutions.

Dedicated Name-server Announcements

Increase your performance and protection by getting your dedicated name-server.

All PlanS Include

Physical Security - Renewable Energy

NoNoSoft's infrastructure resides in world's most secure solid rock datacenters. NoNoSoft is committed to responsible and sustainable practices by using only virtualized servers.Virtualizing just 100 servers is the equivalent of planting 1,500 trees or taking 80 cars off the street

Data Security and Neutrality

Our location are famous for their modern freedom of speech legislation. We will guarantee that your host will remain online and uncensored, as long as it doesn't violate our Terms of Service or the laws of the hosting country . This means all user data is protected by strict privacy laws.

End-to-End Encryption

Automatic Security. All connections are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. This means even we cannot decrypt and read your data. As a result, your encrypted data cannot be shared with third parties.


Protect Your Privacy. No personal information is required to create your secure host account. By default, we do not keep any IP logs which can be linked to your anonymous account. Your privacy comes first.

Free and Easy to Use

Security without the hassle. NoNoSoft can be used on any device without software install. Email accounts are fully compatible with other email providers. You can send and receive emails normally.

Advanced Host Design

Security with Productivity. The NoNoSoft host is optimized for productivity. Each detail within our secure service is optimized to help you better read, organize, and manage your data including emails.

Our Services

Privacy & Reliability

NoNoSoft's rules ensure the privacy of your online communications and data exchange.A notable numbers of internet users say they have experienced problems because others stole their personal information or otherwise took advantage of their visibility online—including hijacked email and social media accounts, stolen information such as Social Security numbers or credit card information, stalking or harassment, loss of reputation, or victimization by scammers.

Private Secure E-mail & Free SSL/TLS Certs

Create & manage unlimited secure IMAP/POP E-mail accounts accessible via webmail or your favorite e-mail client.NoNoSoft is convinced that privacy by default is generally in the better interests of society as a whole.

Enhanced Security Hosting

Your server container come with inhouse Firewall & dozens of other optimizations built in. The server container will be connected to the Internet at 1Gb/sec on a premium Multi-Gigabit network.Cloud based and available worldwide.

24/7 Simple Management Control Panel

You will be able to control all aspects of your server and email through our proprietary management portal making managing your private server and mail a piece of cake.

99.9% Service Uptime

We take great pride in the service that we offer with our enterprise level hardware, datacenter and monitoring systems. Your private server comes with 99.9% service uptime.

Secure Shopping Cart Software

The most advanced shopping cart technology for ecommerce websites. Accepting ecommerce transactions requires secure shopping cart technology. It's top priority to protect customers' personal information and present a professional on-site experience and checkout process to entice sales.

Mobile Application

Android and iOS App Development. Our app design and development process begins with you and your needs. Each client’s goals differ, and we’re committed to offering a truly customized experience, resulting in a polished, professional, streamlined app that does what you need. We learn about your company and what makes you unique, but we also learn about your goals and requirements. We learn about your target audience and then design and develop an app that speaks directly to that market segment.

What we offer

Reliable Hardware

Unlimited Domain

Technical Experts

24/7 Customer Care

Recognized Quality

Great Prices

Full Encryption

100% Privacy

Freedom of Choice

Child Protection

Free Certificates

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